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Public Engagements

Corporate Workshops and Speaking Sessions

Our lives today are filled with stress and pressure. The pressure of society, job, family and our minds causes unhappiness and in many cases depression and anxiety. Stress is slowly killing us and we don't even know it. It is possible to shift your state at any time from feeling pressure and stress to feeling happy and alive.


During her sessions, Anshu shares easy to use, practical and proven methods and techniques to become aware of your state and to help shift your state from stress and pressure to feeling alive and happy aka the state of pleasure. You will learn to break the patterns of the mind that create stress and tools to feel energised, vital and excited about life. By the end of the sessions, you would feel uplifted, alive, inspired and connected to the pleasure of being alive.

Duration - 90 - 120 Mins (depending on the audience)

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