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Rites of Passage


The intention of Rites of Passage ceremony is to facilitate the passage from one stage of life to the next. This Rites of passage supports boys in moving from boyhood to healthy young manhood and girls to move from girlhood to a young aware woman.

The process actively supports the young men and women being more responsible in society, improving their ability to communicate with peers, adults, parents, teachers and opposite sex respectfully and clearly. The expectation is that they will be more motivated to focus on their studies, work with more commitment and generally have higher self regard. They will also understand and begin living from a healthy masculine/feminine perspective. The focus is on young men and women of 14 -16 years.

These ceremonies hold space for discussions, sharing life experiences, some physical activities, fun and entertainment, and some deep reflective opportunities. If every girl and boy gets to experience this and start life as aware and conscious young woman and man - Our world would be a much better place.

Anshu leads the Rites of Passage for Green School in Bali.

Invite Anshu

to facilitate Rites of Passage ceremony and mentor young adults in their journey.

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