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Its such a pleasure to work with Anshu, She has beautiful healing energy and creates a safe space for people to be themselves

- Alison, UK

“If you'd like to know and witness pleasure, just watch Anshu make and drink a cup of chai. Complete submersion into enjoying each stir in the pot, each sip taken in. And just from a simple task of making and having chai to more complex things like creation or dance or sexuality, Anshu teaches how to take pleasure in all that we do, how to be present with it, how to spread that onto all areas of our lives. She is the ultimate pleasure Goddess and the epitome of the pleasure revolution!”

— Agnes, USA

Thank you Anshu, you brought pleasure back in my life. You are an amazing teacher, facilitator and healer”

— Faye, Australia

“To say that I really enjoyed your Living a Life of Pleasure talk would be an understatement. I loved your positive energy and of course your big smile 😀. You made my day .... Thank you .”

— Tim, Canada

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