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Why we don't feel pleasure?

Few years ago, I was sharing a sad personal story with someone I had just met. And after I was done sharing my sad tale, this person said I am so sorry that you had to go through this trauma and its so sad but why were you smiling when you told me the story. And it hit me, I was wearing a mask, a mask that I thought was more accepted and I was not dealing with the underlying emotion of sadness. I was trying to look put together and ignoring how I was REALLY feeling.

We have been taught to not express emotions whether they are so called negative emotions or high emotions of pleasure, ecstacy or bliss. Since we can't express them, we condition ourselves to stop feeling them. And when we stop feeling emotions over a period of time that are really just energy in motion, the flow of energy in the body gets blocked and gets stagnated. This stagnation results in pain, depression and illness. The more we allow ourselves to feel and express all emotions, the more energy continues to flow resulting in well being, more pleasure and aliveness.

So go ahead - start feeling all your emotions instead of blocking them, or shoving them under the rug. Ask yourself - 'How do I feel? How can I express this emotion, so it gets processed and not stuck' and start feeling more ALIVE.

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